Sunday, 5 January 2014

axCut Laser Cutter - X/Y axes working, laser calibrated

Now have both the X and Y axes working and have calibrated the optics using a mock tube to hold a visible laser diode.  The laser calibration technique may be of interest to others building laser cutters, as it means I can carefully calibrate the optics with the visible laser, then drop in the CO2 laser and be fairly confident the beam will follow the same path - will found how well this works in a few days when I fit and fire the CO2 laser!

and a quick demo of high feedrate with a lissajous pattern:

Up next:

  • Finish the water cooling system
  • Integrate the laser power supply
  • Fit and test fire the CO2 laser
  • Finish the z-axes (waiting for stepper motors to arrive)
  • Add RPI host controller and touch screen
  • Order cladding


  1. Hi Damian, like what you did with your laser cutter. I am building something similar and was just curious what you ended up doing for your water cooling system and air assist. Any input would be appreciated. Generally I'd be interested to know how you did all your electronics. Hope to hear back soon, thanks.

  2. I'm amaze with you Damian for having a great blog about Laser Cutter. Kudos!

    Philip Seo