Monday, 15 August 2011

Hello World with Bezier Curves

Spent the last week working on a java applet to convert SVG to GCode, incorporating my new G5 code for cubic bezier curves. As of this evening, the conversion process will take basic curves from Inkscape and convert them to functional GCode! After a bunch of tests, I figured it was time to film something and share it... what better than "Hello World"

That's right folks - a reprap printing a complex set of bezier curves, with all the complex stuff happening in the modified Sprinter firmware!

The conversion process is working pretty well, need to improve transform support and some more of the SVG path primitives to make it more robust/flexible. I'm starting to hate the SVG standard - it's a real half-way cop out between a bespoke language and XML. What's the point in using XML to encode image data, if you then bail on the critical stuff and encode complex paths/transforms in attributes using a completely different (and fairly complex) syntax!

Of course, I might get distracted by building the extruder/hot-end, but if not, then I'll also be taking another look at how to make the acceleration code play nice with curves.

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