Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nursery, presents and orders

Like preparing for our first child, I'm feeling the pressure of an imminent arrival, so spent several hours over the weekend adding some finishing touches to the nursery (office).... namely some discrete slatwall (destined to hold component bins, tools, etc) and a mini-lathe (inherited):

I'm also the lucky recipient of my final birthday presents - a Seeduino Mega and a pair of Pololu drivers :)  Fortuitously, an ebay auction has also gone very well, so I've ordered a Prusa vitamin kit plus a set of 5 stepper motors from - hopefully they'll arrive next week and then the build can get underway!

To pass the time, I will be continuing to experiment with OpenSCAD and partake in the most excellent Thingiverse community - currently I'm working on a parametric loc-line-esque library and some kitchen fittings

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